Gayatri Plywood, house of premium plywoods, shuttering plywoods, doors and blockboards


We are manufacturer of MR Grade , BWR Grade and Marine plyboards.

Plywood is a wooden panel composed of thin cross-bonded veneers glued together. Our plywood is used where special strength and/or a hard and smooth surface is required. Our plywood is light weight and cost effective that is widely used for construction. These are made under stringent quality norms from seasoned hardwood core bonded with Urea Melamine Formaldehyde under computer controlled temperature and pressure. It is fully powder proof, termite and moisture resistant, re-usable and therefore very economical.

These are ideally suited your wall cabinets, cupboards, wardrobe and other furniture woodwork. These PlyBoards are available in commercial and waterproof varieties for interiors.


Plyboards are made for interior use only, because the wood strips are glued with interior glues and the layers are hot-pressed to form a solid panel.Block boards are often used for furniture pieces such as desks and tabletops.

  • Wardrobes and kitchen

  • Bed and table tops

  • Indoor panel and shutters

Available Size

8 x 4 8 x 3

7 x 4 7 x 3

6 x 4 6 x 3

5 x 4 5 x 3

Standard Thickness:

3 mm 4 mm 6 mm

8 mm 12 mm 15 mm

18 mm 21 mm 25 mm

Commercial Ply

We are quality manufacturer of commercial plywood